When we decided to form POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB, it was because we wanted to bring together the Northeast Ohio comic book community in a friendly environment where people could freely express their opinions about their favorite books, movies, etc., without being judged or ridiculed.

Our hope is to keep POP! as a safe haven, both at group meetings and on-line, where no one is ever made to feel as though their opinion is unimportant or wrong, even if that opinion is different or unpopular.

With that in mind, we would like to reiterate the following rules of conduct for our meetings, our on-line discussions (on Facebook, Twitter, and our new forum). Please read carefully.

SHOW RESPECT: The opinions of other POP! members are just as valuable as your own. You may not always agree with what another member has to say, but that doesn't mean they are "wrong" or "crazy" for feeling the way that they do. It just means they have a different perspective than you. What makes fandom so unique is that we all have such diverse tastes. As they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"! But making other members feel like trash is never acceptable. Instead of trying to force someone to think your way, why not listen to what they have to say and try to learn something from it?

STAY POSITIVE: Remember, POP! is supposed to be a place where everyone's opinions are heard and supported, not just the loudest ones. It's our love of comics that unites us, but each of us has that love for our own personal reasons. It's important to think back to how your favorite things make you feel before you trample someone else's favorites. When the day is done, this is all just entertainment meant for our enjoyment. Our main goal at POP! is to try to enjoy it all together! There are plenty of other message boards on-line where you can easily spew venom and spread negativity. POP! is NOT one of them.

KEEP IT COOL: It is always okay to share a differing opinion on any subject, but try to do so in a way that will not result in a heated argument. We appreciate your passion here at POP!, but even the purest love can come across as bitter anger if it isn't expressed correctly. Tone can be very hard to gauge on-line, so it is YOUR responsibility to edit your responses before you post them to make sure they are not going to incite a war of words. Harsh language, personal attacks, and insults that stray away from usual good-natured debate are not welcome here. (That includes insults aimed at other members and at specific creators/books/movies.) You're welcome to disagree and/or dislike anything, just be careful about how you say it. If you ever feel a discussion getting out of hand, be the bigger person and step away. Leave the fighting to the heroes... we'll all be better off for it!

KEEP IT CLEAN: POP! welcomes fans of all ages and backgrounds, so it is important to keep the language we use and the items we post clean and safe for those members. If you have to question whether or not what you're posting is appropriate for all audiences, you're probably better off not posting it at all...

DON'T SPOIL IT: Not everyone has the luxury of reading a book or seeing a movie the day it is released. Therefore, we consider POP! a "No Spoiler Zone". If you feel like what you're posting gives away unknown plot points or major secrets, save it until others have had a chance to enjoy it for themselves. If you just can't hold it in, then be sure to clearly mark your posts as "Spoilers" so that other members can avoid them if desired.

These rules are based on common decency and mutual respect and we believe that they are not too much to ask from any of our members. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a personal warning from the Moderators. Any repeat offenses after that will result in suspension and, ultimately, removal from the group.

Thanks for your help in making POP! the best it can possibly be!

Due to the large number of members at each POP! meeting, discussions can quickly spiral out of control if not properly organized. Therefore, we ask our members to adhere to the following guidelines:

Members will be asked to raise their hand and wait to be called on before speaking. It is up to the Moderator to make their best effort to call on all members equally and keep group participation balanced while maintaining the overall flow of conversation.

Please respect the Moderators. It is their job to keep things running smoothly, so if they ask you to do something (wrap up, quiet down, etc.), it is probably for a good reason.

Members can participate as much, or as little, as they like. At POP!, you are never forced to participate in any discussion. Although we would love to know what you're thinking, if you enjoy watching the whole meeting in silence, that is your right.

Each meeting of POP! ends with a small raffle for comic and pop culture related prizes. Raffle items are donated by the Founders, Moderators, and other group members. Any member donations are greatly appreciated, but never expected.

Each member is eligible to fill out (1) raffle ticket before the start of the meeting.

Each NEW member is eligible to fill out (2) raffle tickets at their first meeting.

Any established member that brings a new member to a meeting is also eligible for (2) raffle tickets during that meeting as an incentive to expand the group.

Filling out multiple raffle tickets is meant only to increase the odds of winning. Each member is only eligible to win (1) prize each per meeting, even if their name is drawn more than once.