POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB is growing! To better serve pop culture and comic fans all across Northeast Ohio, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest chapter: POP! Akron!

POP! Akron meets once a month at the Akron Public Library and is led by longtime POP! member, Mike Savene.

Now, you can opt to POP! at our original Cleveland chapter's meetings, at the new Akron chapter's meetings, or -- if you just can't choose -- at BOTH!

Check out the SCHEDULE page for more information on when POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB meets next near you...

The Cleveland chapter of POP! meets once a month on Monday nights. The meetings take place at the Cuyahoga County Public Library's Parma-Snow Branch (unless otherwise noted).

Official meeting dates and times will be updated regularly on our SCHEDULE page, our FACEBOOK GROUP, and via the POP! Twitter account (@popcomicclub). A mass e-mail will also be sent to all group members subscribed to the POP! mailing list.

POP! meetings are free of charge and open to everyone. Meetings last for two hours (from 6:30-8:30 PM). The general format for each meeting is as follows:

Each POP! session will be led by POP!'s Founders or designated Moderators and will follow the same basic format:

SIGN-IN & SET-UP: Before each meeting's official start time, members are welcome to arrive early to help the Moderators set up for the meeting. During this time, arriving members can sign in on a MEMBER INFO sheet, providing their name and contact e-mail address. New members will be given a membership number and an official POP! membership card. Returning members will have their card punched during this period. Members may also fill out raffle tickets at this time. Once set-up is complete, members are free to mingle until the meeting's official start time.

CALL TO ARMS: At the start of the meeting, the Moderators will ask the group to take their seats and begin the meeting. Brief introductions will take place during this time, including an announcement about the evening's main Discussion Topic. Any official POP! business may be handled by the Moderators during this period (reiterating conduct rules, welcoming new members, acknowledging special guests, etc.).

CURRENT EVENTS: After introductions are complete, the floor is opened for group members to talk about exciting news and developments in the world of comics and pop culture. This gives members a chance to get others up-to-date on events in their favorite titles, recommend books to other readers, debate new trends in the industry, geek out over highly anticipated movies and TV shows, trade juicy industry gossip, and much more! If it's happening in the pop culture world now, this is the time to discuss it!

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Each POP! meeting will have a specific focus for the evening's main discussion, announced in advance. The Discussion Topic is usually a broad subject that serves as a starting point for conversation and encourages member participation. While the Discussion Topic steers the main thrust of the conversation for the evening, it may also lead the group in exciting, unexpected new directions. Therefore, deviation from the Discussion Topic is acceptable at the discretion of the Moderators. The Discussion Topic usually fills the bulk of the meeting time.

RAFFLE: Thanks to the generosity of our group members, we have been able to hold a small raffle at the end of every POP! meeting. Old comics, trade paperbacks, movies, and related merchandise have all found their way onto the raffle table thanks to the kindness of our members. Members' donations are greatly appreciated, but not expected. See the RULES page for more details.

NEXT ISSUE...: Before each meeting ends, the Moderator will announce the date and Discussion Topic for the next meeting of their POP! chapter.