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Red Lanterns
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:43:19 PM »
I just wanted to follow up something I mentioned yesterday when talking about the Reds and how enjoyable the book has become.  It started as
a villains book, I think. The problem with that is no one cared. With books like Magneto or Sinestro, those are characters that have history. While Atrocitus is
an intersting addition, he's too new to care about and it felt like he and the Reds were being force fed onto us just to get another Green Lantern
family book out there. But with Charles Soule arriving with issue 21 and the introduction of Guy Gardner to the book, it solved a few problems. First,
it gives a stage to a Lantern who was shoe horned into one of the other books, freeing up page space for everyone. Second, it's a very natural fit. Guy
was always a hot-head. Soule still keeps that aspect plus a part of his doucheness but makes him a likable, sympathetic character. Lastly, it clears things
up. When the series started with the New 52 launch, we didn't know what to make of Atrocitus. Was he on some kind of redemption thing? Was he
still a big bad, retooling for another go-around. That was never clear. Now the book has a more visible direction that will hopefully continue after Soule
leaves the book.  I strongly recommend checking out his run that begin with #21 and hope for the best when the new writer comes on.
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