Author Topic: Time to move some doubles  (Read 1645 times)


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Time to move some doubles
« on: April 22, 2013, 08:36:53 PM »
It's catch up on the bills time at the May household, so I figured I'd post some excess stuff I have lying around to see if I can make the utilities happy again, heh. First up, toys.

Vintage Kenner Star Wars: Vader's Tie fighter, working lights but no sound $50. TIE Interceptor, working lights but no sound $60. Snowspeeder, complete with harpoon $50, Snowspeeder missing harpoon and one engine piece (I'm sure I have it somewhere but I can't find it presently-will provide it to buyer if it turns up. Note, this ship has been repaired) $30. Dagobah playset, just base and tree no loose pieces, foam "swamp" has deteriorated (note-ALL of them had the foam melt, apparently it was biodegradeable!) $25. Vader's Star Destroyer playset $45 (needs cleaned, but has stickers intact.) Vader's Star Destroyer playset, clean but no stickers $30. PDT-8 mini-rig $10. MTV-7 mini-rig $10 Y-wing fighter, complete with bomb AND box $100.

Signed Comics
Note: All signatures are 100% genuine, obtained in person by me at various cons.
Batman 497 (Knightfall 11, Bane breaks Batman's back) signed by Dick Giordano $40 Price is for the signature, since Dick has passed away since I got it signed.
Tomb Raider 1 signed by Michael Turner. $30
Tomb Raider/Witchblade signed by Turner $30
Dynamic Forces Jade Warriors Preview Edition Sealed w/COA, Signed on the bag by Mike Deodato and David Campitti $25
Arthur Suydam: Art of the Barbarian HC art book signed on the cover and inside by Arthur Suydam $25
Dark Fantasies 1 & 3 signed by Joseph Michael Lisner $10/ea Adults only LOL
Kabuki: The Alchemy 1, 2 & 7 Signed by David Mack $5/ea
Kamandi 51 signed by Dick Ayers and Rich Buckler $25
Spiderman and the Black Cat miniseries by Kevin Smith 1-6 $16 for the set
Defenders 69 and 73, signed by Herb Trimpe $8/ea
Power Man & Iron Fist 57 signed by Bob layton $8
Hercules 1 signed by Bob Layton $5
FCBD Ultimate Spider-man 1 signed by Brian Michael Bendis $10
Marvel Must-haves reprint of the Ultimate Spidey Venom story signed by Bendis $15
Sinestro Corps special 1 signed by Ethan Van Sciver $10
Spanners Galaxy 4 signed by Tom mandrake $5
FCBD Tiny Titans 1 Signed by Art Balthazar $5
FCBD DC kids 1 signed by balthazar $5
FCBD 2010 DC Kids signed by balthazar $5
FCBD 2008 Marvel Adventures signed by Chris Giarusso $5
FCBD 2006 Worlds of Aspen 1 signed by Pete Steigerwald $5
FCBD 2007 Liberty Comics signed by Billy Tucci $5
FCBD 2002 Star Wars signed by Jimmy Palmiotti $5
Black Hood 1 signed by Mark Wheatley $5
Metallix 1 Special Edition signed by Bob layton $5
Daredevil 255, 273 & 275 signed by John Romita jr. $10/ea
Punisher War Zone 1 & 2 signed by John Romita Jr. $10/ea
Blackest Night 1 van Sciver Varian cover signed by Ethan Van Sciver $25
Samuree 4 signed by Rudy Nebres $8
Coyote 12 signed by Steve Englehart $5
Punisher Armory 3 signed by Joe Jusko $5
Punisher 55 signed by Jimmy palmiotti $8                                                                                                         
Marvel Star Wars 60 signed by Walt Simonson $12
Marvel Knights Punisher 1 signed by Jimmy Palmiotti and Tim Bradstreet $15
Detective Comics 660 signed by Jim Balent $6
Action 858 $4
Amazing Spider-man 544 $4
Sensational Spider-Man 41 Variant cover $4
Marvel Star Wars 59 $3                                                                                                                               
Witchblade 25 Black & White Dynamic Forces Exclusive $30
FCBD Star Wars signed by Jimmy Palmiotti $5

Batman and Me (Bob Kane autobiography) Signed and numbered edition $150 FIRM

Note that while I really need to make some fast cash, I am also willing to negotiate trade depending on the offer once my bills are covered. I've got quite a bit more lying about that I don't need, but figured this is a good enough start. Thanks for having a look, gang!

-Mike May-