POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB is an open, friendly environment where Northeast Ohio's comic book & pop culture fans, retailers, and professionals can gather to discuss all aspects of the industry -- including comics, movies, TV shows, toys, games, and more!

If pop culture is your passion, POP! is the place to share the love!

POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB's main goal is to create a community where pop culture fans in Northeast Ohio can share what they love. But POP! also believes that being a true community means taking care of those around us.

Members of POP! proudly participate in a number of community building activities throughout the year in an effort to give back to the cities we live in and the causes we believe in. From sponsoring food drives and charity events to supporting local conventions and literacy groups, POP! believes that acts of heroism aren't just for the guys wearing masks and capes!

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JASON FITCH (POP! Co-Founder) made a name for himself in the Cleveland comic book community during his decade-long run as manager of York Comics and Cards. Respected by his customers for his in-depth knowledge of the industry, it was Fitch's knowledge of the customers themselves that truly endeared him to so many and kept them coming back every Wednesday. Fitch helped make sure the weekly trip to the comic shop was about more than just new books; it also included long conversations, personalized recommendations, and healthy debate -- all free of charge! Following his departure from York, Fitch co-founded POP! as a way to recapture his long-standing connection with his customers outside of the shop environment. Fitch serves as a Moderator of POP! Cleveland.
MARC SUMERAK (POP! Co-Founder) returned to his hometown of Cleveland after four years on the Marvel Comics Editorial Staff. Since then, he has written over a hundred books for Marvel, including memorable runs on POWER PACK, MARVEL ADVENTURES: SPIDER-MAN, FRANKLIN RICHARDS: SON OF A GENIUS, and many others! An Eisner and Harvey Award nominee, Sumerak continues to write and edit for Marvel, IDW and more. A proud advocate of the medium, Sumerak has regularly lectured about making comics at public schools, libraries, and colleges, but is always actively looking for other avenues to reach out to the local fan community. Sumerak serves as a Moderator of POP! Cleveland.
MICHAEL SAVENE has been active in the business of comic books for over fifteen years, both at the wholesale and retail levels. But it is his passion as a fan that made him one of the most valuable members of POP!: THE COMIC CULTURE CLUB. Savene not only served as the catalyst for POP!'s expansion beyond Cleveland, he also took his dedication to comics to a whole new level by launching the first ever Akron Comicon in November, 2012! Savene serves as the Moderator of POP! Akron.

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